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Heat sink manufacturing supplier
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KANGDING is a collection of research, development and production: A professional manufacturer of aluminum alloy profiles, heat sinks, air coolers, finned radiators, electronic radiators, copper tube radiators, copper-aluminum composite radiators, steam heating copper bars, and steel radiators.

The KANGDING brand K-type products produced by customers are spread all over the world, and have won praise and trust from users over the years. KANGDING brand K-type electronic radiator series products are heat dissipation components for high-power semiconductor devices. It can be used in computers, AC and DC power supplies, regulated power supplies, switching power supplies, communication power supplies, purification power supplies, radio and television transmitters, inverter power supplies, and other power products. It is also suitable for fluorescent lamp electronic ballasts, audio equipment, power amplifier circuits, circuit boards, electrical equipment, automatic control instruments and other electronic and electrical products.

Concentrate on the research and development, design and manufacture of "energy saving, environmental protection and high efficiency" air coolers. At present, there are more than 300 products in 12 standard series and 6 special series. Application areas cover almost all industries and meet different needs.

KANGDING air coolers have been widely used in: machine tools and special machinery, wind power equi

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